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Spring is almost here!

We are gearing up for spring!  The chicks are in at TSC already!  We will hold off on ordering our chicks until mid march.  Chicken tractors need to be built to handle our increase in Cornish Rock meat birds for this year.  Several customers have expressed their interest in purchasing farm fresh raised chickens this year. We are expecting a baby angus calf this spring on the farm, so that will also add new life!  Also, we are gearing up for the Easter Egg Hunt out at the farm.  This year's hunt will be on Saturday, March 23.  We will keep you posted as we approach the fun happenings at the farm this spring!

The Easter Egg Hunt is tomorrow!

Tomorrow-Saturday March 24, @1:00pm the egg hunt begins!  12 baby chicks arrived today. We also filled all 3000 eggs!  They need to be found rain or shine!  Can't wait to see everyone!

Easter Egg Hunt

We have been busy around the farm!  Trying to clean things up a bit and get everything ready. The longest project has to be filling the eggs!!  We have been steadily working on all 3000 eggs.  Then it will be a chore putting all those out in the fields!  The duck, pig & cow throw toss cut outs came out cute.  Will try to post pics tomorrow. Signs are all out and ads are in the record eagle and cadillac news-check the events section, also have flyers at various businesses in Manton, Cadillac & Kingsley.  A big Thank You to Amanda for helping to advertise, my mother in law for helping with the kids and filling the eggs!, and to my neighbor Kathy for being willing to help out with anything!   On another note, tree trimming also began this week.  That will be on going for about 7 days. Can't wait to see everyone Saturday!

Easter Egg Hunt, Manton MI. Little E's Trees

The first annual Easter Egg hunt at Little E's Trees is coming up soon. Don't forget we moved the time to 1:00pm Saturday March 24.  Don't be late and don't forget your baskets!  Those eggs will go fast! Also don't forget it is all FREE!!  This week we will be busy preparing.  Stalls have to be cleaned, props for activities need to be prepared, and eggs need to be filled!  We hope to see you there. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter Egg Hunt is officially March 24 at 1:00pm.  The event is open to the general public and is free of charge.  The Easter Bunny will be joining us so bring your camera!  Activities are planned for after the egg hunt including bunny sack races, milk jug toss, egg on a spoon races, waterpainting and more.  There are also coin operated feeders for the chickens and pigs. Can't wait to see you there!

Easter Egg Hunt

Planning is underway for our first annual Easter Egg Hunt at Little E's Trees in Manton, MI. 
We are excited to be expecting a visit from the Easter Bunny on March 24 at Little E's Tree Farm!  We also have several activities planned for after the egg hunt, including egg on a spoon races, milk bottle throw, water color paint, and bunny sack races.  We hope you are able to join us. Check back for more information.

Easter Egg Hunt

Little E's Trees in Manton MI. is getting ready for their first annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Activities are being planned now so check back for a full list of those here as well as on our facebook page's-Trees/338898456154801.  Details will be posted soon!  The date is Saturday March 24 @ 11:00.

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